Cataract Surgery Costs

cataract-costHow Much Does Cataract Surgery Cost?

We understand that patients want to know how much cataract surgery costs as well as other financing options. Most medical insurance plans consider cataract surgery as a covered benefit. Insurance will generally cover 80% of “agreed to charges” and the balance will be paid by the patient after deductibles have been met. Some patients with secondary insurance will have 100% coverage after deductibles have been met.

“Agreed to charges” are usually “in network”. Negotiated rates and the cost for surgery will not exceed those rates. Out of network rates may have additional costs or deductibles. Most of the doctor’s charges will be “in network” and we will try to use “in network” facilities to limit additional charges.

The surgery includes implantation of an intraocular lens, which is covered. Specialty lenses such as Toric and Multifocal are not routinely covered by insurance.

Will My Insurance Cover the Cataract Surgery Costs?

Typically, Medicare and private insurance cover the surgical procedure, except for deductibles and copays. After considering the options suggested by your doctor, the lens choices will be made by you. If there are no good lens options other than a standard lens you should still expect an excellent result (unless other conditions are present) but glasses may be needed to achieve excellent vision.

Advanced lenses we offer include the ReStor® and Tecnis® Multifocal for intermediate, or near as well as Toric lenses for correction of astigmatism.

Many of our patients find the benefits of these lenses to be well worth the investment since these are not covered by insurance.

All the costs of the cataract surgery, the lens choices, benefits as well as payment and financing options will be discussed at your surgery consultation visit with our coordinator.

If you think you may be experiencing the symptoms of a cataract, contact us online to schedule your office consultation or call our offices at 281- 890-1784.