Contacts and Glasses to Correct Vision

Who Screens My Eyes During the Eye Exam for Glasses or Contacts?

Having your eyes checked for vision correction is important. At 1960 Eye Surgeons, our trained Ophthalmologists and Optometrists treat and manage eye diseases, prescribe glasses and contact lenses.

Our optometrist or ophthalmologist will examine for eye diseases and recommend appropriate correction or treatment where needed.

What is the Role of the Optician During My Eye Exam?

glassesAn optician is a trained professional who helps patients select appropriate lenses for their glasses prescription and makes certain that the lenses are properly placed to match their eyes and vision needs. It is a complex fitting process that is best accomplished by trained professionals.

Opticians also can dispense contact lenses with an appropriate prescription. They do not prescribe or test for vision correction but can assist in the appropriate eye exam prescription process.

What are the Ways to Correct Vision?

  • Eyeglasses
  • Contacts
  • Sunglasses
  • LASIK and other refractive surgical procedures
  • Intraocular lenses (IOLs) used in cataract surgery

Do You Offer a Selection of Eyewear and Contacts?

You can find a great variety and selection of glasses and contacts at our eyewear shop DEY Optical, conveniently located within or near our offices. Their inventory changes often and is updated to make sure you have the best selection of standard and designer eyeglasses and contacts to meet all budgets and styles.