LASIK Surgery Procedure

In the LASIK surgery procedure an excimer laser is used to reshape the cornea in order to improve the eye’s focusing. After creating a corneal flap, the surgeon removes a pre-determined thin layer of the cornea with the laser. Afterwards, the flap is then re-positioned back in place allowing the corneal tissue to heal.

Types of Conditions LASIK Surgery Treats and Advantages

In nearsightedness, the eye is too long. LASIK corrects for this condition by removing corneal tissue shortening the distance to the retina. Patients experiencing farsightedness have the opposite problem with the eye being too short. To correct for this condition, the LASIK procedure elongates the eye by steeping the curvature of the cornea. Corneal astigmatism is an oval shape to the front surface of the eye (cornea). Correction is done by reshaping to a more normal curvature.

During the procedure you can expect to have your eye numbed with anesthetic topical drops allowing for eyelid holders to help the surgeon visualize your eye. You may feel some slight pressure as these holders are helping maintain your eyelid open.

Next the surgeon creates the flap and folds it back. With the exact patient calculations programmed, the excimer laser is positioned in place. You will be asked to pinpoint a target light during the procedure. Once the sculpting of the cornea is complete, the flap is re-positioned back into place, adhering to the existing tissue within several minutes. No stitches or sutures are required.

Following the procedure, a transparent shield or goggles may be placed over your eye or eyes to protect them. You should not rub your eyes following the laser surgery. The doctor and staff will give you exact instructions on when and how to wear the shields and what you should do in the days following the treatment. To assist with the healing, you will be asked to place drops in your eyes for a certain number of days to weeks.

You should plan to have a designated driver transport you home following the procedure. It is recommended that you relax or sleep following the surgery.

Our ophthalmologists have successfully performed LASIK surgery for over 12 years. Our lengthy experience and patient-doctor relationships have helped our patients achieve great results and satisfaction.

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