Toxin Free Frown Line Treatment and ThermiRase®

If you have been looking for a toxin free treatment that might be an alternative to Botox, your answer could be ThermiRase®. In this heat controlled radio-frequency procedure, the targets are the nerves that control the muscles associated with frowning of the brow. Just as with Botox, the muscles are temporarily relaxed.

In the consultation, your physician at 1960 Eye Surgeons will discuss your expectations and brow problem areas. We want to be sure you understand ThermiRase® for the depressed brow.


How ThermiRase® Works

With ThermiRase®, a series of thermal lesions are created along the nerve pathways controlling the muscles. Once the nerve is located, your surgeon injects a drop of local anesthesia and treats the area with the heat-controlled probe. The effects are immediate.

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