Often the first signs of aging occur in our face in the form “crows feet”, lines around mouths and overall face wrinkles especially in crépy skin texture on our cheeks. In the past, some of the best non-surgical options for treatment of these aging symptoms were BOTOX® and injectable fillers. Now there is an FDA approved treatment called, ThermiSmooth® to help lessen the affects of face wrinkles including “crows feet” and lines around your mouth and neck. Additionally, ThermiRase® may be used in combination if your surgeon feels this treatment could benefit you.


How does ThermiSmooth® for Face Wrinkles Work?

During the treatment, your skin is gently heated with a temperature-controlled handpiece using radiofrequency energy. It’s unique monitoring and feedback is what allows your treatment provider the ability to accurately and safely target the eye and face wrinkles with the precision required and the results you need. Unlike many other technologies, ThermiSmooth® can even be used to treat neck wrinkles.

Additionally, it also stimulates new collagen growth both immediately and longer term. By heating the skin to a necessary clinical endpoint known to initiate new collagen formation, the result is consistent treatment outcomes that will be effective. This is the Thermi difference!

What are the Benefits of ThermiSmooth®?

  • Precise and safe
  • Non-invasive procedure
  • No downtime

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Most patients see the best results with a series of 3-6 treatments.

See real patient results on our ThermiSmooth® Before and After Page

If you are considering a longer-term non-surgical solution to correct for frown lines, “crows feet” or overall face wrinkles please call our office at 281-890-1784 or contact us online to schedule you private consultation today.